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About us

Hampton Group delivers strategic advisory, investment solutions and communications services to help leaders of international and Chinese companies solve business-critical challenges and seize unique opportunities. ​​​

We act as a bridge between companies in China and the rest of the world. We understand and appreciate the strengths of both and are committed to supporting each to grow and succeed with the other.

Since its founding in 2005, Hampton Group has specialised in and gained a unique understanding of China, its markets, society, and culture.


Our work is delivered to the highest standards of international compliance, business practices and ethics. ​


Hampton Group exists to provide the experience, insight and capabilities necessary to ensure clients and their partners can learn from each other and grow together. 


We believe that success and progress come from meaningful engagement and collaboration across cultures. This is the basis of everything we do.

Hampton Group’s ability to navigate and deliver in China is absolutely staggering. Their understanding of the
system and how to engage effectively is second to none.

—— Fortune 500 technology client

Our international team have decades of combined experience in cross-cultural communication, managing complex projects, and helping to forge collaborative long-term relationships that deliver sustainable commercial value.


Our Approach

Hampton Group is driven by our commitment to the value of meaningful engagement, our belief in effective collaboration across cultures, and our focus on the highest standards of international compliance and governance.


We work collaboratively with clients to understand their objectives and develop strategies. We put ourselves in their position when presenting solutions.


Success comes through effective communication. We start with defining what the ideal outcome should be, and work towards that with clear and simple communications.


Effective engagement comes through having a deep understanding of the brief, and addressing the core concerns of all parties involved.


Working across different cultures, systems and business environments requires considered and careful navigation through complexities. 

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